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Pathogenic germs such as bacteria and tuberculosis, viruses, such as HBV, HCV, HIV, SARS, Rota, Noro, Vaccinia, Adeno, Polio, Influenza viruses, and fungi are mainly transmitted by skin contact. According to current scientific data, outbreaks of nosocomial infections and other comparable epidemics originate at first from an inadequate manner of hand and skin disinfection. Therefore, only a comprehensive hand and skin disinfection can protect the professional user as well as the patient from various risks of infection.The hygienic hand disinfection before and after contact with the patient is an essential requirement in infection prevention and control. This is not only common use in medical application, but valid in industrial clean room environments, in canteen kitchens and sanitary facilities. To accomplish modern requirements in hand hygiene, esteer® does manufacture its hand disinfection products not only as liquids but also as gels.